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It shouldn’t be so hard to sell your home. 

At Turner & Rudd Group, we make it simple. 

Instead of passively posting and hoping, we passionately showcase your home to more buyers than anyone else through our UPSell® Platform. 

We will not rest until your home sells at the best price. 

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Discover 5 Monsters That Devour Your Home’s Equity

Sell Your Home at the Best Price in 3 Steps


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Discover the Turner & Rudd Group formula for selling your unique home at the best market price.


See your house shine on the market

Experience the Turner & Rudd Group UPSell® Platform that exposes your home to more buyers than any other Realtor®.


Say hello to your future

Relax while our industry experts sell your home at its best price.

Experience Turner & Rudd Group’s

Innovative Approach

At Turner & Rudd Group, we believe each home is truly special and deserves a customized marketing plan that helps buyers recognize its uniqueness. We know you have invested a lot of time, money, and emotion into your home, and are entitled to sell for its optimum price.  

Our nationally-recognized, award-winning team will help you achieve your property’s highest market value. Our expertise in the prevailing local market, as well as our gift for staging and preparing homes, showcases your property’s true potential and launches your home onto the market.

For over 40 years, we have helped thousands of people transform their lives by selling their residence and buying their dream home. You can feel confident that with Turner & Rudd Group, you’ll receive the quality time, attention, and VIP experience you deserve.

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Discover 5 Monsters That Devour Your Home’s Equity

Recent Success Stories

“The house sold in three weeks!!! Linda spent over 40 hours of her own personal time finding all sorts of furnishings and arranging them into the house. It looked so amazing I almost wanted to live there another few years. This was by far the best experience I’ve had in more than 15 real estate experiences.”



“Turner & Rudd Group was delightful to work with and felt more like friends than realtors®. They have honesty, hard work, and incredible marketing. I have never worked with a team that worked as hard as they did to sell our home. We have recommended ONLY them to our friends.”

Jeff and Jane

Eric Johnson
Director, Client Services

UPSell® Your Home at the Best Price

Even if you have the most beautifully designed and decorated home, it won’t matter if no one sees it. 

One of the biggest hurdles for sellers is getting their home in front of buyers. That’s why at Turner & Rudd Group, we invest more dollars in digital exposure than any other realtors® in the Hilton Head area. Our UPSell® Platform is specifically designed to:

  • Identify the unique selling proposition and ideal marketing strategies for your home in the current market
  • Help buyers connect with your home through top-notch staging and professional photography 
  • Launch your home onto the market with maximum exposure through our Local & Global Online Networks (LogON)

Let Turner & Rudd Group UPSell® your home for its full market price.

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Discover 5 Monsters That Devour Your Home’s Equity


Team Up with Turner & Rudd Group So You Can:

  • Feel confident knowing your Realtor® is genuinely invested in your success.
  • Feel proud of the way your home is represented.
  • Escape the stress and actually enjoy the home-selling process.
  • Launch your home onto the market so you can move on to new adventures.
  • Sell your home for its best price.
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